Change Management

It has become a cliche nowadays that the only constant in organisational life is one of change.

Change comes in many forms –┬ánew processes, new organisation structures, downsizing, relocating to new premises, entering new markets or dealing with threats in current markets.

While it should be simple to make change in an organisation, it often or usually isn’t, and there is a large body of literature about the high percentage of attempted changes that fail or do not succeed as planned.

Fundamentally the reasons for this are that everyone has an opinion about changes that impact upon them, and leadership of change can only be successful if all of those varying opinions can be harnessed and directed towards an outcome.

All change requires some direction. Gettysburg Consulting can assist you in planning and implementing change so that it works and lasts. We can help you with in specific parts of the change at any stage, or across the whole journey.

Our core area of expertise is in honestly assessing and assisting to overcome the natural resistance to change that exists within human nature. We have the full range of skills and tools to plan, deliver and embed change.

We use a range of relevant approaches to help you and your leaders deliver the new structures, practices and processes that will make you successful.

Our services include:

  • Building the case for change
  • Planning for change and identifying key resources and approaches
  • Stakeholder identification and communication
  • Restructure Management
  • Organisation design and implementation
  • Project Management
  • Change Impact Assessment and Management
  • Understanding and effectively dealing with resistance as an assistance to change rather than a barrier
  • Leader / Sponsor coaching and advisory
  • Workshop facilitation