Structural Change

Structural change, whether building new operations, merging them together, splitting them apart, thinning them down or generally re-organizing them is our specialty. It is also what many organisations see as the most challenging aspect of change.

If your change involves a need to restructure, or redesigned processes, Gettysburg Consulting can assist in services at every stage:

  • Organisational design, including preparation of new position profiles
  • Plan the steps involved to consult, redeploy staff, deal with the consequences of downsizing and engage the necessary support from HR professionals whether they are inside your organisation or need to be sourced from outside.
  • Liaison with unions and regulatory agencies.
  • Communicating with or providing coaching and support to your leaders and line managers involved in the change.

Our experience in managing structural changes in mergers and acquisitions, shared services implementations, downsizing, and adjustments required due to growth and changed business focus is extensive.

We also know that accomplishing the change while keeping operations going is a core requirement and we can ensure that your business continues to run as required while the change is underway.